If you're in the market for a new car, you have options outside of financing. Leasing is perfect for buyers that love driving the latest model, want cutting-edge technology, and enjoy high-end luxury features. Leasing a car, which is essentially renting it, has a wealth of benefits that save you time and money.
If you need a vehicle for only a temporary amount of time, leasing is a wise option to pursue. For instance, maybe you're taking a job in a remote location for a year or two. You don't need to worry about selling a car or covering maintenance costs. Once you no longer need the car, you can let the lease expire and turn in the vehicle.
When you lease a car, rather than paying for the full cost of the vehicle, you're only paying for the amount the car will depreciate over the lease period. This means the monthly payment for a leased vehicle will be lower than for a car you financed.
Leasing a new vehicle enables you to enjoy the latest technology features on a model at a reduced cost. If you're someone who likes having the latest technology, then leasing is the best option. Since you aren't paying the full price for a new car, you can take advantage of the newest technologies by signing a new lease every few years, when your current lease expires. 
Buying a car is a much longer process than leasing, and once you own it, it's harder to trade in your old model and upgrade. Leasing is quick - you turn your car in when the lease is over and you won't owe anything, assuming that you've stayed within the mileage and maintenance terms of the lease. And if the car isn't working for you, you can trade it in for a different one. 

When you lease a car, you're essentially renting it from the dealership. Leasing a vehicle is a short-term commitment that usually lasts about three years, and since you're only paying on the cost of total depreciation rather than the full price of the car, it's much cheaper in the short run. Leasing is also a good choice for drivers who like having the latest technology. Furthermore, trading it in for a newer car is a much simpler process than with a car you own.

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