Just because you have to stay within your budget doesn't mean you have to settle for a vehicle that doesn't meet your needs. Whether you want a powerful pickup or an efficient commuter, we find that these tips for buying on a budget will help you choose a vehicle that's both desirable and affordable.
Keep It Practical

Doing your research is part of being practical, which is very important when you're shopping on a budget. If you're buying a truck, for instance, it could be tempting to impulsively sign up for a high-end model pickup with all the added luxuries. However, that's a quick way to go over your budget. Make a list of what you really need from a truck, be it a certain towing capacity or types of on-the-go connectivity, and stay focused on your needs.
Do Your Research

Do plenty of research before you invest and don't be impulsive with your car shopping decisions. Learn about the car you think you want, as well as other similar models. Take your time deciding to be sure you're getting the best vehicle for your money.
Don't Count Out Used

One way to stretch your budget is to consider used vehicles instead of just new ones. When you opt for a used car, you'll find lower prices, which means you'll have more options that can fit into your budget. You might even be able to afford a fancier trim than if you purchased a new vehicle.
Say No To Extras

When you're looking at a new car, you may be tempted to buy the extras, like a bigger touch screen or additional rear-view cameras. However, if and when you go to resell or trade in your vehicle in the future, you probably won't make any additional money back from these features. While these types of amenities are nice, they're not necessary and avoiding them will help you stay within your budget. 
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