Every driver wants to get the most car for their money, but when is the best time to buy a car? While some people will tell you a specific season, region, or even dealership, the real deals generally occur around popular holidays. As it turns out, most dealerships are more than happy to offer special promotions which can lead to sweet deals for consumers. The savings could be so great that it might be worth putting off getting that new car until the next holiday!

While one should always keep an eye out for special incentives and reduced prices all year round, holidays are a time when many dealerships look to make a big push towards meeting their sales goals.

Generally, the holidays that offer the best deals include President's Day, which takes place on the third Monday of February, the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving weekend, and Christmas.
Drivers in search of a new car can usually find a great deal if they visit a dealership in the final week of the month. Dealerships are often scrambling to meet sales goals if they haven't already. It isn't uncommon to negotiate for a few days, then get a call from the dealership agreeing to the deal provided you close that day.

Slow days of the week are often the best times to snag a great deal too. While most people tend to visit a dealership on the weekends, Monday through Thursday tend to be especially slow. Whether its work or errands, most people forego a visit to the dealership early in the week. Bad weather is an added bonus as many consumers won't walk through a lot in the pouring rain or snow. That can lead to a great deal with a little patience and negotiating skill!

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