Chevrolet is a staple in the American automotive market, and its vehicles are sold around the globe and carry a reputation for dependability. The company's origin can be traced to Detroit, where founders Louis Chevrolet and William Durant strived to create quality vehicles that were available to the masses at affordable prices. In 1914, the golden bowtie insignia made its official debut. Chevrolet and Durant's differences eventually drove them to part ways, but Chevrolet remained intact. 

The automotive brand entered the market when the automobile was young and, just two years after the debut of the bowtie emblem, Chevrolet made an enormous profit. Shortly after, Durant, the owner of the company, took over General Motors as well. He merged the two brands, effectively creating the General Motors umbrella where Chevrolet served as the flagship.

GMC trucks added the bowtie insignia and saw immediate success. As the automotive industry aged, the competition grew. Over the next three decades, Chevrolet would do battle with Ford and Plymouth. While Plymouth would eventually close its doors, the Chevrolet-Ford rivalry remains to this day.

In 1933, Chevrolet created the six cylinder engine, lovingly nicknamed the "standard six" and became the basis for the next generation of powertrains.

Twenty years later, the first Corvette sports car hit pavement and the Impala became the bestselling nameplate in the industry. Chevrolet continued to innovate and launched the small-block V8 engine which became the longest mass-produced engine in history and is still produced today.

Chevrolet left Europe in the late 1900s but returned in 2005 with a degree of success. While much of the Chevrolet lineup faced hefty competition, European automakers couldn't match the performance of the Camaro and Corvette. They remain the gold standard for performance-based models in Europe and the United States.

Today, Chevrolet boasts the golden bowtie insignia with pride and continues to innovative, create, and produce vehicles widely concerned among the best in the industry. 

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