Originally founded by Max Grabowsky in 1901, GMC quickly grew to become a brand known for creating quality-driven utility vehicles that could go above and beyond the call of duty. General Motors officially purchase the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, creating the cornerstone for the General Motors Truck Company. General Motors also purchased the Reliance Motor Car Company that same year. The two were merged in 1911 and, in 1912, the first GMC truck appeared. 

The first GMC truck stole the show at the New York International Auto Show. More than 22,000 units were sold and the brand was off to an excellent start. The company produced more than 8,500 trucks for the war effort in World War I. By 1918, over 90 percent of all GMC trucks were military vehicles. 

The brand also gained nationwide recognition by breaking records and pulling off astounding stunts. In 1916, for example, a GMC Truck traveled from Seattle to New York City in a single month. Just 10 years later, GMC beat their own record, driving a two-ton GMC truck from New to San Francisco in just over five days. 

GMC's success with utility-driven trucks didn't stop there. A GMC truck carried fresh produce between Los Angeles to New York, breaking another speed record. The brand continued to innovate and redefine the industry. In 1937, hydraulic brakes replaced mechanical systems. 1940 saw the introduction of three new engines, one of became a famous "workhouse" engine in army vehicles.

World War II struck hard and the 270 cid engine was designed to deliver. GMC ultimately produced more than 580,000 military vehicle, including many amphibious models, for the war effort.  

As had become the norm over the first 40 years of GMC's history, the brand continued to innovate and create new trucks that pushed the limits of the automotive industry. Even after more than a century in the industry, it still continues to do so today. 

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